WELCOME to Soffits, fascia and gutters in uPvc

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THE most beautiful of houses won’t stay beautiful for ever. Just like the proverbial Forth bridge, it seems you’ve barely finished painting one end before you have to start again at the other.

The timber fascia boards just below the roofline need painting every two years or they’ll spoil the way your property looks.

The whole roofline area - so tricky to gain access to - can present problems more serious still than needing frequent coats of paint.

Old soffits - the boards running at right-angles underneath the fascia and joining it to your brickwork - often have no proper ventilation built in. This sealing of the roofline space can
result in condensation, damp and rot.

Then there’s the guttering - neglect that and a blockage or a leak can cause endless problems with damp indoors and out within a very short time.

There’s a way round the regular hassle and expense, at a price you can be sure will be a one-off and involve no work for you...

If you call us in, we’ll give your roofline a comprehensive survey. And if rot has set in, we’ll recommend replacement fascia - in your choice of colour and profile - and vented soffits that will last for many carefree years, ensuring there’s adequate ventilation to meet the latest UK building regulations