WELCOME to Extensions


Tradesmen with traditional building skills gained through years of apprenticeship are rare these days, and getting rarer. We at Aron Moyses Home Improvements take a real pride in every job we do.

If your family is growing out of the house but you want to stay where you are ... or you want an elderly parent to be able to live with you but not on top of you, give us a call.

We’ll advise you from experience of what can be done in the space and on the budget you’ve got, and help formulate a plan of action.

Some extensions are straightforward and may even have been tackled elsewhere in the area on the same housetype. Others may require a more complex solution and the advice of an architect.

Either way, we’ll tell you what we think and work with you and any other professionals required to get the job done quickly and efficiently, with the minimum of fuss.

Remember, we’re a one-stop shop, so every aspect of the practical work involved can be tackled by a member of our team...