The Ultimate Collection

A conservatory is a room that’s part home, part garden. On a good summer’s day with the doors open and the scent of newly-mown grass in the air, it’s an extension of the garden.

On bad weather days, the conservatory is a comfortable haven where you can enjoy the greenery outside without getting wet or cold.

First invented to protect exotic plants from our miserable winters more than 150 years ago, the very English conservatory comes in a huge variety of shapes and sizes today... and that’s why at Aron Moyses Home Improvements we offer a bespoke service, tailor-making the wide range of designs from our collection to fit your house and garden and your own specifications.

All our conservatories are state of the art, featuring high insulation throughout to make them as cosy in winter as summer, unlike their Victorian precursors. They incorporate joints for the glazing bars which are made from composite materials developed in the aerospace industry to withstand stress, and aluminium and PVC-u for low maintenance and protection from the elements.

Ventilation systems and UV-screened glass are available.

If you’re keen to open your home to the garden but haven’t the space or the spare cash for a conservatory, explore your options with us - maybe the answer is a sliding in-line or tilt and glide patio door or a more traditional French door? Whichever you choose, they’re all fitted with toughened safety glass and offer reinforced panels for safety and security.