WELCOME to Bedrooms

Crown bedrooms

Every home is a story that enters a new chapter each time a baby is born or a child starts to become an adult.

Bedrooms are important to every member of the family as they are the most personal, private space in the house.

They also need to change as their occupants do, through the years.

At Moyses Home Improvements, we can help you make these changes by fitting our bedroom furniture that is designed to be as individual as you are.

In a wide range of designs, our fitted cabinets, wardrobes and shelves can be built around your exact needs and room size.

Today’s bedrooms don’t just need to look good, they also need to provide storage solutions for whoever sleeps in them.

Practical and flexible, a cleverly designed room has a special home for everything, from baseballs to Barbie dolls, dungarees to smart suits, jewellery to after-shave.

Our wardrobes give ample room for clothes to hang neatly. Drawers have solid bases, while shelves, built in different combinations, open up plenty of display and storage possibilities.

And special details, like interior beech finishes and decorative glass doors, add the finishing touch.