WELCOME to bathrooms


Bathrooms are so much a part of our daily life itís virutally impossible to imagine the work without them. Baths of one sort or another have been around for thousands of years but the technicalities of toilets were only mastered fairly recently....400 years ago to be precise.
Pictures on ancient vases also show that the Greeks enjoyed showers!

Lifeís little luxuries of a few years ago are turning into todayís bare necessities - well, almost. Estate agents, even here in South Lincolnshire, will tell you that most buyers expect at least one en-suite bath or shower-room with the master bedroom...and the more bedrooms in the house with en-suite facilities, the merrier!

At Moyses Home Improvements, we think you should reward yourselves for showing so much loyalty to your old home by lavishing our attention on providing you with the latest and loveliest of new bathrooms. Whether itís to be fitted into a cupboard or corner to serve your bedroom alone, to
provide a useful shower downstairs or to revamp the outdated family bathroom, our bathroom collection offers a wide selection of the very latest designs.

We can also offer plenty of genuine help, practical advice and designer tips to guide you through the maze of decisions that lead to a truly beautiful bathroom. Every suite will be fitted by our caring, skilled craftsmen with your comfort in mind.

Come into the Winsover Road showroom to select the suite, the shower, the taps of your choice and discuss how we can best make this work for you...